Cheese Inventory

Although we introduce new cheeses on a regular and seasonal basis, we do have over 100 cheeses available year-round. Check out our standard inventory:


Mahon - sheep
Manchego - Aged sheep
Manchego - Young sheep
Mascarpone - Imported - 8 & 17 oz cow
Maxi Dome goat Seasonal
Mimolette cow
Mobay sheep, goat
Montasio cow Seasonal
Montbriac/Roche Baron cow
Montenebro goat Seasonal
Morbier cow
Mozzarella - di Bufala bufala
Mozzarella - Fior di Latte cow
Mozzarella - Fresh (Plain & Smoked) cow
Mozzarella - Housemade cow Fri., Sat., & Sun.
Mozzarella - Skim Milk cow  
Mozzarella - Smoked Poly-O cow  
Mozzarella - Whole Milk cow  
Mt. Tam cow  
Munster Gerome cow  
Myzithra sheep  
Nevat de Can Pujol goat Seasonal
Ossau Iraty sheep  
Parmigiano Reggiano - Vacche Rossa cow  
Parmigiano Reggiano - Young cow  
Parmigiano Reggiano cow  
Pave de Jadis goat Seasonal
Pecorino al Tartufo cow, sheep
Pecorino Crotonese sheep
Pecorino Fiore Sardo sheep
Pecorino Ginepro sheep
Pecorino Marzolino sheep
Pecorino Nocino Sheep Seasonal
Pecorino Stagianato sheep
Pecorino Toscano Lucano - Young sheep
Peilloute goat
Perail De Brebis sheep Seasonal
Pere Joseph cow Seasonal
Petit Billy goat
Piave Vecchio cow
Pico goat
Pie d'Angloys cow Seasonal
Pierre Robert cow  
Pleasant Ridge Reserve cow  
Pont L'Eveque cow  
Provolone - Domestic cow  
Provolone - Imported cow  
Queso al Vino goat  
Raclette cow  
Raclette Brebis sheep  
Raclette Chevre Goat  
Red Hawk Cow  
Red Leicester (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Redwood Hill Camelia goat
Redwood Hill Crotton goat
Ricotta - Fresh cow
Ricotta - Salata cow
Robiola - fresh cow Seasonal
Rogue Blue cow Seasonal
Rolling stone anise&lavender goat
Rollingstone Fresh Chevre Plain/Basil goat
Romano - Pecorino "Fulvi" sheep
Romano - Pecorino "Locatelli" sheep
Romano - Pecorino Pepato sheep
Roquefort sheep
Roucoulons cow Seasonal
Sally Jackson (sheep) goat Seasonal
Sally Jackson goat sheep Seasonal
Sarvecchio Parmesan cow
Seastack cow
Shropshire (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Sottocenere al Tartufo sheep/cow
Spenwood (Neals Yard) sheep Seasonal
St Agur cow
St Marcellin cow
St Nectaire cow
Stichelton (Neal's Yard) cow
Stilton "Colton Bassett" (Neals Yard) cow
Stracchino cow Seasonal
Strachitunt cow Seasonal
Taleggio cow  
Teleme cow  
Ticklemore (Neals Yard) goat Seasonal
Toma Piemontes cow Seasonal
Tomme De Savoie cow  
Trailhead Tomme cow  
Vacherin Freiburger - Swiss cow Seasonal
Valdeon c,s,g
Wensleydale-Hawkes (Neal's Yard) cow Seasonal
Winnimere cow Seasonal
Yerbera goat Seasonal